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August 25, 2016

Hello dears!

So, when I met up with Rowan a little while ago, my planning wasn’t go quite well. I had planned to do a ton of stuff at home, so I was still wearing pyjamas. The time we scheduled was getting closer and closer, and I still had to think of an outfit. I did feel like wearing something colorful, so that’s what I did. And the result of that was this quite random outfit, haha! I’m still not sure what to think of it. It’s quite random, but it also sort of seems to make sense, at the same time. Oh well, we can’t wear a perfect outfit every day, now can we?! So, I figured I should just post it and share it with you! And now I’m super curious to hear what you think of this combo! Do you think I performed well under the time pressure, or did I completely fail? Haha! I’d love to hear!

Quite Random Colorful Outfit Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Amsterdam

August 22, 2016

Hi loves!

When you’re reading this post, I’m already on my fourth day on Santorini, in Greece! I’m on vacation for a twelve days with my boyfriend! That’s also why there wasn’t a video last Thursday. I actually was planning on posting a video last Thursay, and not post a video this (and maybe also next) Thursday. Which I was planning on telling at the end of last week’s video. But I was just too busy preparing for our vacation, so I didn’t get to making that video. So, now you know! There will be two outfit posts per week while I’m away, because I planned these ahead. This outfit is from last weekend, when me and my boyfriend went to ‘De Parade’. This is a theatre festival, which travels through the Netherlands every summer, and now it’s in Amsterdam! We went to two shows, which we both loved! Because I just got my Mile High Skinny Jeans from Levi’s, I really wanted to wear those. I made a casual combo with them, with a twist. Flat espadrilles, a simple blouse knotted into a crop top, and then the dotted bag and the bandana as the twist! What do you think? :-)

Casual Outfit Mile High Skinny Jeans Levi's Bandana Fashion Blogger Amsterdam

August 17, 2016

Hello sweeties!

Last Friday, me and my boyfriend went to the botanical gardens in Amsterdam. A couple of days before, I received a box from s.Oliver filled with the items which are featured in this outfit. And so, I thought it would be fun to shoot this outfit in the botanical gardens! s.Oliver picked me to be their brand ambassador the upcoming year! How awesome, right?! I’m really honored! And I can’t wait to show you all these fun outfits with s.Oliver items the coming year! Pretty convenient was the fact that the weather was kind of grey and sober, while the greenhouses in the botanical gardens are always really warm, haha! We shot my outfit pictures in the cactus greenhouse. I really like the contrast between the green cactuses and the peachy-colored wall. Also, the wall matched my outfit! When I was looking on the s.Oliver website for an outfit, I knew right away that I was going for this dress. To give the outfit something extra, I went looking for nice colorful and summery accessories. And I found this lovely purse with beads, the rosegold espadrilles, and a matching pair of sunnies. What do you think of this combo, and the location? :-) I’d love to hear!

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Botanical Garden Fashion Blogger Retro Sonja brand ambassador s.Oliver

August 15, 2016

Hi dears!

Last week, I went to a food festival with my boyfriend. And before that, we took some outfit photos in the park. That day, I also went to the Catrice & Essence cosmetics event. Only, I wore a different outfit to the event, which turned out to be way too warm for the weather. So, I put on something else before we left for the food festival. And that’s the outfit you’re looking at right now! Now looking at the photos, I realize I was wearing only printed items. But what’s even more striking, is the fact that there is no red in this outfit! Not even on my lips or nails. At the event, I got my nails done with a lilac color, and at home I immediately tried out the matte lipcream from Catrice. Which turned out to be a perfect match with this top, so I decided to leave it on! So, what do you think of this outfit, and my new lip and nail colors? :-)

Fashion Blogger Print Outfit Retro Sonja Amsterdam

August 11, 2016

This post is only available in Dutch.

Hi iedereen!

Afgelopen weekend heb ik in Breda een klein beetje geshopt, én ging ik naar het Catrice en Essence event. Bij dit event kreeg ik een enorme goodiebag mee, en mocht ik zelf ook nog producten uitkiezen. Omdat ik niet genoeg geshopt had voor een shoplog, heb ik besloten om er dus een combinatie shoplog en unboxing van te maken! Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden! En als je nog tips hebt voor hoe ik bepaalde make-up producten kan gebruiken, dan hoor ik dat ook heel graag! :D En wat vinden jullie van mijn aankopen? Video: Shoplog en Catrice en Essence unboxing goodiebag