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December 5, 2016

Hi dears!

I recently received this lovely pink fluffy sweater from The Little Black Dress webshop. I was allowed to pick out an item and I immediately fell in love with the baby pink color. I was already thinking that my wardrobe could use a baby pink sweater, so I’m really happy with it! It feels so soft and it looks so fluffy and huggable. I really love that in this cold season! The idea behind The Little Black Dress webshop has everything to do with the LBD. Beautiful, timeless items, which you can combine with everything and will last a long time. And of course, the Little Black Dress is the most famous example of such an item!

Many women struggle with the problem of having a lot of clothes, but still feeling like you have nothing to wear. This happens because most of the items can’t be worn with each other. Or because a lot of the items we buy are actually only a trend for a couple of months. The Little Black Dress webshop solves this problem by offering qualitative clothing pieces, which are timeless and easy to mix and match. Therefore the site also offers inspiration on how to wear the items. The webshop mainly focuses on young, ambitious women and for the most part they sell Scandinavian clothing by labels like Nümph, where my sweater is from! But you can also find Mads Norgaard, Minimum, Mae & Ivy and Dr. Denim in their webshop. Very logical if you ask me, because Scandinavian women are very well known for their superfashionable outfits with timeless basics!

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December 2, 2016

Hello loves!

Yesterday, I went to the hair dresser, and before that, me and Joy shot these photos. So the photos are from before my hair cut, but actually it still looks almost exactly the same, only a bit freshened up, haha! My hair cut is actually always the same, with a minimal amount of hair cut off. This way it stays nice and healthy, but also as long as possible. Which is how I like it! It has been true sweater weather here lately, so I’ve been loving this sweater dress to bits! It’s so long, oversized and cosy, but you can also dress it up a bit with overknee boots. I went for my grey overknee boots this time, because I liked the all grey look. And because the neck of the sweater is really wide, I decided to wear my white polo shirt with black dots underneath it. I thought it would be fun to have a bunch of dots showing up in my neck, haha! By the way, I really like how the photos on which I’m leaning on a bike rack turned out. Was Joy’s idea, so thank you Joy, haha! :D What do you think of this outfit? :-)

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November 29, 2016

Hi sweeties!

Today’s outfit shoot is a bit more urban than you’re used to from me. And that’s actually mostly because of the background! I looooove this old car, and with the beautiful house behind it, I just love it even more! The outfit itself is also a bit urban in some way, but it’s also still really cassy, colorful and ‘Sonja’ I think. I was able to pick some head bands and a turban at Brothers & Sisters. This green color caught my eye, because I thought it would be a perfect match with my new coat. I’ve been wearing this coat loads recently, and mostly also with this scarf. I just really love how these shades of green look together! The rest of the outfit is quite simple; black high waisted skinny jeans with slightly rolled up legs, and my favorite heeled black brogues. But I actually really liked that, combined with the turban hat. What do you think of this combo? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blog Outfit Urban Turban Outfit

November 24, 2016

Hello dears!

I’m SO in love with this sequin dress! I received it from s.Oliver together with the turtleneck, and I really like them together. I actually didn’t realized when I picked this out, that it would be a perfect outfit to wear for Christmas. To be honest, I really like wearing festive outfits in the periode before Christmas. I mean, who wouldn’t get a smile on her face from wearing sequins? The turtleneck also has a little ruffle detail on top, which I really like. And what do you think of the location, by the way?! I really love it! The marble background actually makes the outfit even more chic and festive. It was raining that day, so I needed a dry spot to shoot my outfit, and someone tipped me this! So, I’m rather happy with that tip, haha! What do you think of this outfit and photos? :D

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November 21, 2016

Hi loves!

How was your weekend? I actually had quite a lot of stuff to do. But me and my boyfriend decided to take Saturday off to have some quality time together, and do all our to-do stuff on Sunday. So, that was actually really nice! Usually, we do quality time and to-do things all mixed up during the weekend. Which leaves you feeling like you didn’t really have a day off at all. And this way we did! In this outfit post, I’m wearing my backpack for a change. I actually use this backpack really often, but it hardly ever appears on my blog. That’s because I mostly use it to do groceries, and that’s not exactly an occasion on which I bring my camera to snap some outfit photos, haha! But I figured it was time to show it again, because it’s not only practical, but also really pretty! I was wearing a total black and white outfit. Personally, I think it looks really great with the green background of the botanical garden. And like you’re used to from me when I’m wearing a black and white combo, I’m wearing a ton of different prints! What do you think? :-)

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