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October 21, 2016

Hi dears!

Oh, how I love the period when the leaves are slowly changing color. The color palette in the park or the forest is just amazing. In the park in our neighborhood, there are two trees close together, which are both already super red. And so I thought this would be a good outfit shooting spot! Add the golden hour backlight effect, and it makes me even more happy! The shirt and trousers I’m wearing are from s.Oliver, and I love them both so much. Both have a print, but as you might know, I like mixing prints. So, that’s exactly what I did! I really like the yellow shade of the blouse for fall. And the trousers are a bit different from what you’re used to from me, but I really like them. What do you think of this combo? And are you in love with fall colors like I am? :D

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Amsterdam Fall Autumn Outfit s.Oliver October Collection

October 19, 2016

This post is only available in Dutch.

Hi allemaal!

In november is het weer tijd voor de VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs! Op 12 en 13 november vindt de beurs weer plaats in de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Zelf ga ik elk half jaar naar deze beurs, en ook dit keer ben ik er weer bij! Op de VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs kan je alles vinden wat maar te verzamelen valt, en daaronder vallen dus ook vintage accessoires, tassen, hoedjes, reiskoffers, handschoenen, retro meubels, antiek servies, retro tinnen posters, grammofoons, platenspelers, en ga zo maar door! Ook is de grootste platenbeurs van Europa onderdeel van deze beurs. Dus het is ook een perfecte gelegenheid om je platenverzameling aan te vullen, mocht je die hebben! Mijn vriend en ik komen in elk geval elke editie weer thuis met een enorme stapel nieuwe platen! Zelf ben ik op zaterdag 12 november op de beurs te vinden om een leuke challenge op te nemen op video waarin ik een outfit ga stylen met vintage accessoires van de beurs. En aan jullie mag ik weer 5×2 kaarten weggeven! Wil je winnen? Lees dan snel verder!

VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs Verzamelaars Jaarbeurs Winactie Win 5x2 kaarten Platenbeurs Vintage Retro Antiek

October 17, 2016

Hello loves!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I wore this outfit about two weeks ago, when the weather here was going from summery to autumny. I always find these periods kind of hard outfit-wise. You know you can’t wear a summery oufit, but how warm exactly should your outfit be? I finally went for a shirt, and high waisted jeans, and rolled up both the sleeves and the legs of my jeans. And I wore this with half-open shoes. And this turned out to be a great balance for that day! To add a little something extra to the outfit, I wore my straw box bag with it, and a pair of big earrings. What do you think of this summer to fall transition outfit? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Dutch Amsterdam Netherlands Photography 50mm lens

October 13, 2016

Hi sweeties!

Fall has already started, but I have a final last summery outfit post for you! I took so many photos during my holiday in Santorini, and when I got back in Amsterdam, I also did some outfit shoots in the summery weather. So, my outfit posts got a bit behind the weather, haha! When me and Rowan shot these photos, I had just received this Comme Des Garcons t-shirt. I had a Farfetch giftcard, and I was eyeballing the white Comme Des Garcons t-shirt with red logo, and the black and white striped longsleeve. They just seemed like perfect basics of great quality. The first outfit I made with the white t-shirt is this one, with a red Twiggy style skirt and red sandals. And I used some pink roses as a photo prop, which I received on the s.Oliver event the day before. All in all, it’s actually quite a simple outfit, but I personally think it makes a good and romantic combo. What do you think? :D

Comme Des Garcons White T-shirt Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Amsterdam Pink Roses

October 6, 2016

Hello dears!

And my outfit posts are back in Amsterdam again, haha! This time, I’m showing you a seventies inspired outfit with my self made culottes! I spent so much time making it! I had never made trousers before, or pockets, so it was quite a lot of work for me. But eventually I’m super happy with it! I already knew I wanted to make these, but I didn’t really have a fabric in mind. I just randomly found this fabric in a discount bin with left-over fabric, and I figured it would be nice for the culottes. While I was still working on these culottes, I received this striped turtleneck top, and I immediately knew I would be going to wear it with the culotes. The same thing happened when I received the mid-heel sandals. And that’s how I already knew how I was going to wear them weeks before I was actually finished. So, here it is; my first outfit with my self made culottes! What do you think? :D

Selfmade 70s style retro culottes Fashion Blogger Retro Sonja Amsterdam Outfit