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September 20, 2017

Hello dears!

When I was cycling through Amsterdam with Joy, on our way to a spot where Joy wanted to shoot her outfit, we randomly bumped into this amazing spot! An old train wreck in the middle of an Amsterdam living neighborhood?! Just how?! There was even some part of the old train tracks left. So naturally I decided I had to shoot my outfit at this spot. All of this happened in the week before I went to Bali. So thats why I’m only posting it now, while it’s already becoming fall, haha! Back then it was quite a lot warmer, so I felt like wearing shorts. The off shoulder top I’m wearing actually has long sleeves. But it’s made from very thin fabric, so I decided to roll the sleeves up and wear it like it had short sleeves. This green vintage belt is a huge favorite of mine, but I don’t actually wear it that often. Somehow it doesn’t go too well with most of my outfits, but I’m determined to wear it more often from now on, haha! And last but not least, I added the red sandals, which are actually a total mismatch with the green belt. I totally seem to be digging a subtle amount of mismatching lately. What do you think of this look? <3

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September 18, 2017

Hi sweeties!

Like the title of this post already says; I’m back! Back from vacation, but also back on my blog! The last post is from 6 weeks ago. After that I went to Bali for a month, which I will definitely be posting about here! And when I got back home, I wanted to take the time to think about my blog’s concent, and where I want it to go. Lately I’ve mostly been posting outfit posts. Next to that I’m also very active on Instagram (@RetroSonja), on which I post 5 times a week, and where I also show a lot of my outfits. I’ve been noticing for a while that everything was kind of shifting from blogs to Instagram. So I kind of got the feeling that I was doing everything double. I certainly want to keep posting outfits on my blog, because I love doing that, and because you can show more details of an outfit in a blog post than on Instagram, and there’s more space to tell a story about the outfit. But I want to write more different posts, also about subjects that you might not post about on Instagram, and which are better suitable for a blog.

The idea is that I’m going to divide my blog into a couple of categories. So you can exepct posts about all of those subjects. Next to fashion, I also love (vegetarian/vegan) cooking, interior, travel (hello Bali!), lifestyle, and even beauty every once and a while. In the category fashion itself there are already so many options to write blog posts, next to outfit posts. And I want to pick up YouTube again! My last video is from my summer vacation from last year, and the first upcoming video you will be seeing is going to be about my summer vacation to Bali this year, haha!

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So what can you expect from now on?

July 31, 2017

Hi allemaal!

Al een tijdje ben ik met heel veel plezier brand ambassador van s.Oliver, en in die periode heb ik al een aantal s.Oliver broeken gedragen in mijn outfit posts. Zoals jullie waarschijnlijk inmiddels wel weten, heeft mijn ideale broek minimaal een hoge taille nodig. Het liefst over de navel. Verder is er voor mij eigenlijk heel veel mogelijk; flared, skinny, een iets wijdere meer casual fit. Als de taille maar lekker hoog is! Zo hebben we allemaal een ideale broek, en dat is ook precies waar de nieuwe campagne van s.Oliver over gaat!

Deze feelgood campagne heeft als uitgangspunt ‘A great fit, a great feeling!’ s.Oliver stelt aan alle Nederlandse en Belgische vrouwen de vraag: ‘Hoe ziet jouw ideale broek eruit?’ De 50 leukste inzendingen winnen 2 tickets voor de s.Oliver Broekendag op zondag 17 september in Maastricht! Dit wordt een dag vol fashion, food en feelgood. Bovendien zullen stylisten jou en je vriendin helpen met het selecteren van de perfecte broek voor jouw figuur, en deze ontvangen jullie dan cadeau! En, ik zal ook aanwezig zijn als special guest! Hoe leuk?!

Wil je meedoen? Dat kan door een foto van jouw ideale (droom)broek te plaatsen op Instagram met #mijnidealebroek, of door op de website een foto of tekst te uploaden die jouw ideale broek omschrijft. Meedoen kan t/m zondag 3 september.

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger s.Oliver Brand Ambassador Flared Blue Jumpsuit Ibiza Beach Style

Retro Sonja Dutch Fashion Blogger Amsterdam Navy Red Stripes Chelsea Boots s.Oliver

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Dutch Amsterdam Red Hair Curls

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Amsterdam Fall Autumn Outfit s.Oliver October Collection

Doen jullie mee? :D



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P.S. Ik ben t/m eind augustus op vakantie in Bali, dus tot na die tijd komen er even geen nieuwe blog posts. Wel post ik bijna elke dag een foto van mijn reis op Instagram, en ben ik van plan om te ‘Insta story vloggen’. Wil je dus op de hoogte blijven, volg me dan zeker op Instagram @RetroSonja!

July 18, 2017

Hello loves!

Yay, I finally got to take outfit photos on this pedestrian crossing! I had this location in mind for quite some time. But everytime we went to take outfit photos it was fully covered in sunshine. Which means not so charming shades on your face, and in case of my pale skin, my skin turns into a huge sun reflector, haha! So that doesn’t work too well in photos. This time the spot was in the shade, so I took my chance. The outfit I’m wearing is all s.Oliver and I’m in love with every single one of the items. I really like the lace hem of the dress and the detail with the bow on one of the shoulders. The bag has such a convenient size. You can stuff a whole lot of stuff in there, it’s practical, but at the same time it’s not so big that it’s taking over your entire outfit, haha! And the shoes… those I’m even more in love with! In a fun baroque print, but because of the black and white it actually looks great with almost everything. They are great for every day really, but they’re also perfect for Christmas! A really versatile pair, I must say! What do you think of this outfit and photos? :D

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July 10, 2017

Hi dears!

There are soooo many flowers in Amsterdam right now! I love it! It makes me super happy when I’m cycling through the city, and they’re also perfect for outfit photos. These yellow ones looked really nice with the pink details in my outfit I think, and they really give the photos a romantic vibe. While my outfit is actually quite casual! The trousers are pretty wide opposed to what I usually wear, but somehow I’m starting to like that more and more lately. This combo is comfy, good to move around in, but I still think it has that feminine touch. Lisa curled my hair, and that added a little extra feminity to the look. I really want to get her curling iron. I have really heavy hair, and most curling irons simply don’t do the job. When I start with the third curl, the first one is already straight again, haha! Anyway, what do you think of this outfit? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Dutch Amsterdam Red Hair Curls