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October 26, 2018

Hi dears!

So last year I fell in love with a red velvet puffer jacket. But it was really expensive and also made with down feather, which I don’t want to wear. And then, when I was browsing for items for my monthly s.Oliver outfits, I bumped into this one which is completely vegan! Wooooo! Actually, I’m in love with this entire outfit and all the items in it. The blouse, the skirt, the jacket, all items are stunning on their own. And together they’re just the perfect autumn combo! And how about the backdrop?! This spot is one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam in autumn. And it looks just perfect with the puffer jacket as well! Do you like puffer jackets for autumn and winter? And how do you feel about this particular one?

Autumn Fall Outfit Look Retro Sonja Fashion Amsterdam s.Oliver Puffer Jacket

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September 6, 2018

Hello sweeties!

A bum bag and white high waisted jeans. Items I’ve never owned before. But now I do! Clearly, haha! I’ve been digging the bum bag trend for a while. Especially the more chic versions. I also like the sporty bum bags, but those are more for others than for me I guess. So when I picked out some items from NA-KD I spotted this pink number. It also comes with a regular strap, so you can wear it as a cross-body bag as well. So in case the trend goes away and I don’t want to wear it as a bum bag anymore, I can still wear it! The top and white jeans are from that same NA-KD order. While I was ordering I wasn’t even trying to put together an outfit. I was just picking out the items that I liked. And when the order came in I figured it was actually a great combo for an outfit post. So here we are! I borrowed the bike from Suzanne, who took these photos. My bike is not photogenic at all, haha! What do you think of this outfit, and how about the bum bag trend?

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger NA-KD bum bag white high waisted jeans Amsterdam Dutch

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August 30, 2018

Hi loves!

Last Thursday the new s.Oliver store opened in Nieuwegein. I stopped by to look around and put together an outfit with items from the store. And I think that went really well! First I found the white blouse. A basic, which also has a special touch with the bows on the sleeves and in the neck. I figured this would be a great way to start the outfit, because it would look good with a lot of different items, so I took it with me. Then I found the trousers, which match my style perfectly colorwise. And I also really loved the wide legs and the print. I could have stopped there, since it was already an outfit, but I like my outfits to have that little bit extra, so I kept on looking. And then I bumped into the blazer! A beautiful fit number with nice buttons and a fun checked print. As you know by now, I love mixing prints, so I decided to wear the blazer with the blouse and trousers I already found. The shoes are also from s.Oliver, but I was already wearing them that day. Fortunately they looked great with the outfit! Even more print, haha! What do you think of the outfit I put together?

Want to take a look in the new store yourself? The store is located in Nieuwegein, in CityPlaza!

Retro Sonja s.Oliver opening store Nieuwegein

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July 23, 2018

Hello dears!

In this outfit I feel like I’m back on Bali. Partly because of the colors, the off shoulder sleeves and the bamboo earrings. But mostly because of the straw bag which I bought on Bali. Every time I wear this bag I clearly picture Bali again and I get into a good mood! And since this bag looks perfect with practically every summer outfit, I’ve been feeling like I’m on Bali a lot lately! The striped off shoulder dress is a sample from Ana Alcazar which I got from a PR agency. I really love the vibe this color combo adds to your outfit; hippie style / Bali style! And I really love that vibe in summer! What do you think of this look? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Amsterdam Blue Turquoise door Ana Alcazar off shoulder dress bali style bag straw bag summer

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June 27, 2018

Hi sweeties!

It’s been a little while since the Japanese Sakura park in the Amsterdam Forest was in bloom. Obviously I had to visit to take photos. And today I’m sharing those shots! I was wearing a lace dress from NA-KD in which I feel like a total princess, and which made me blend in with the blossoms in the background like a chameleon. By the way, I’m soooo in love with the wood bag I’m wearing. It matches perfectly with the warm pinky shades I like to wear and it adds this summery Bali-vibe to every outfit. Love it! The total feel of these pics turned out to be so dreamy! When we were there, the sun was shining through the trees, which created this magical backlight effect. What do you think of this oufit and photos?

Retro Sonja Fashion Blog Amsterdamse Bos Bloesem Bloesemtuin Blossoms Sakura NA-KD lace pink dress cedar wood bag

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