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July 5, 2016

Hi dears!

A while back, I received CND Vinylux nail polish at a press day This nail polish is supposed to last 7 days, as long as your nails are healthy. CND is cruelty free, and the vinylux nail polish also seems to be vegan! And that’s why I thought it would be fun to review it for you! As you might know by now, I almost always wear red nail polish. And that’s why I tested the red CND Vinylux in the color Hollywood. In the bottle, the nail polish looks a bit different from the one I usually wear. But on my nails it actually looks pretty much the same. Except that the one from CND has a bit of a shimmer to it. Usually, I always buy the same nail polish, because that one is pretty cheap, and also cruelty free. It’s a pretty decent nail polish, but it only stays on nicely for one day. And after that I usually repair the chipped parts daily for about a week. So, that’s not really convenient. And that’s why I was really interested in testing this nail polish. Curious whether this nail polish actually lasted on my nails for 7 days? Than keep on reading!

CND Vinylux Nagellak Review

The nail polish should be able to stay on nice and pretty for 7 days. They explicitly say though, that this is only the case when you have healthy nails. So, when you have weak nails, nails which break often, or have other damages to them, the polish will probably last for less than 7 days. I find it hard to judge the health of my nails. They’re quite strong, they do break once in a while, but not too often. But I do have some damages on them.

Below, you can see what my nails looked like after I applied the polish. The brush is thinner than I’m used to, but it actually worked fine and really precise. I applied two coats. One coat was actually already enough for coverage, but I personally like to always apply two coats. Both coats dried quite quickly. I applied the same top coat which I always use.

CND Vinylux Nagellak Review

CND Vinylux Nagellak Review

And now the big question; how long did the nail polish stay on? I was really positively surprised! The first 3 days, the nail plish was perfect, and after that it got slightly less. But not really noticable. On the photos below, you can see what my nail polish looked like exactly a week after applying. My left hand still looked very good, and my right hand a bit less. Probably because I’m right handed. All in all, I’m really happy with this nail polish. I ended up leaving it on for one and a half week, and I’m currently wearing it as well.

Left hand:
CND Vinylux Nagellak Review

Right hand:
CND Vinylux Nagellak Review

Would you like to purchase CND Vinylux yourself? You can find my color (Hollywood #119) here for $9,95. They also have a ton of other colors there.

So, what do you think of this nail polish? Would you pay $9,95 for a nail polish which stays on for a week? I’m really curious!

Also, I received a bunch of cruelty free and natural facial care products at an event. For example Dr. Hauschka and Living Nature. Would you like to see reviews of those? I’d love to hear!



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4 comments on “Review | CND Vinylux 7-Day Nail Polish”
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    Wednesday July 6th, 2016

    Hi Sonja,
    I am working with CND in Denmark, and I am happy you love VINYLUX!
    A tip for even better results with the VINYLUX polish – use VINLYUX Weekly Top Coat :) I can see you used a top coat, but the VINYLUX polish is created as a system that works with the Weekly Top Coat. So if you like the polish now, I’m sure you will absolutely love the durability of the polish when the Weekly Top Coat is used too :) It is truly amazing!

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    Wednesday July 6th, 2016

    Thanks for the tip Christina! When I was looking for background information for the review, I indeed found out that there’s a Vinylux top coat as well, so it would be great to try that! For now, I tried it with my usual top coat and it already did a great job :-)

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    Wednesday July 6th, 2016

    Prachtig kleurtje!

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    Wednesday December 6th, 2017

    I tried VINYLUX nail polish for the first time three days ago at my nail salon. They charged me an extra $2 for using VINYLUX. II picked a peachy color and it really does stay on longer. No chips yet nd I have weak nails. I will keep using VINYLUX, but will stop the minute I hear that they are not cruelty free.

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