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March 15, 2017

Hello sweeties!

So here’s my second outfit post from my trip to Paris! This one was shot below Pont Alexandre, a bridge known as the most beautiful bridge of Paris, and which you probably have already seen on Instagram sometimes. And I must say, I totally agree on it being the most beautiful bridge! On the day that we shot these photos, the weather was very bright and sunny. But just when we shot them, there was a thin cloud in front of the sun. And that was actually just perfect! The sun and clouds were like a perfect soft box together, and this created the most perfect lighting! It honestly made me so happy when sorting out these photos, haha! In this post, I’m wearing a denim jacket which I borrowed from Lisa, who also took these photos of me. I actually don’t really own a denim jacket, but now that I’m seeing it on me in these pictures, I think it’s about time! Also, my hair is curled in these photos! Also Lisa! As I am the biggest noob in curling my hair. But I think I should give it another go, because I do really like the look of it! What do you think of this outfit, and the photos? :D

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Outfit Paris Pont Alexandre Alexander Bridge Hat Layering

March 10, 2017

This post is in Dutch, as it’s about a challenge for my Dutch readers!

Hi allemaal!

De VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs komt er weer aan! En zoals elke editie, hebben we ook dit keer weer een leuke samenwerking bedacht. De vorige keer deed ik zelf een challenge op de beurs waarbij ik een zwarte jurk afstylede in het thema ‘Vintage Night Out’, en dit keer zijn jullie weer aan de beurt! Jullie kunnen je aanmelden, en uit deze aanmeldingen worden er 3 van jullie gekozen die mee mogen doen met de challenge! De outfit mag je na afloop houden. Superleuk toch?! En met de challenge is ook nog een andere mooie prijs te winnen! Ben je benieuwd? Lees dan snel verder!
Retro Sonja VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs Vintage Mode Challenge Geef je op Winactie Win
Retro Sonja VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs Vintage Mode Challenge Geef je op Winactie Win

March 8, 2017

Hi dears!

I’m back home from Paris! We had so much fun! The Paris trip was with my school, and I was in a room with two lovely girls! I had visited Paris quite a few times before this trip. So this time I had very different spots on my to visit list. I found out that there’s a little street in Pars with all these pastel colored houses called Rue Cremieux. Hellooooooo photoshoot!! I always pack by creating outfits to wear during the trip, and then pack these. So on the day we wanted to go to Rue Cremieux I decided to pull my most colorful outfit out of my suitcase. And I really like how the photos turned out! The colors of my KENZOxHM off shoulder top are kind of the same as those in the background. Except that the background colors are more pastel-ish and those in my outfit are more saturated. And I really like this contrast in the photos. What do you think of this outfit, and the photos? And did you already know Rue Cremieux? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Outfit Rue Cremieux Paris Kenzo H&M

February 28, 2017

Hello loves!

When I found this fun logo t-shirt in the s.Oliver webshop, it instantly reminded me of those retro logo shirts. I’ve been wanting to add more basic t-shirts to my wardrobe for a while, and I think this one would be great for the job! I combined it with a dark blue denim skirt. This combo is very casual, but the coat and the shoes make the outfit more chic. So casual chic it is! By the way, I’m going to Paris this week with school! And I’m so excited! You can follow my adventures on Instagram and Instagram Stories! :D (@RetroSonja) What do you think of this outfit? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger s.Oliver Logo T-Shirt Denim Casual Chic

February 24, 2017

Hi sweeties!

If I had to choose one favorite sweater, it would probably be the burgundy glitter turtleneck sweater from this blog post. I wear it loads! It’s super comfy, and it turns every outfit into a fun ensemble! This sweater has been my savior on uninspired days uncountable times; pair it with black high waisted jeans and my black heeled brogues or Chelsea boots, and it just always works, and it’s never boring! When in doubt, add glitter! I just notice that glitter items put a smile on my face, and that’s why I also like to wear them for regular day outfits. So it’s time for a round-up of ways to wear a glitter top when Christmas is long gone! :D Do you still wear glitter items this time of year? And what do yo think of these combo’s? :-)