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April 3, 2017

Hi dears!

Wow, it seems like it became Spring so fast in the Netherlands! In the blink of an eye all these blossom trees popped up in Amsterdam! Waahhh! I think I took my blossom outfit photos in May last year! Anyway, not complaining at all of course, haha! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went for a long bike ride, as we like to do in Spring and Summer. It was the first one this year! When we arrived at our destination, we had lunch in the sun, and then we cycled back a different route. Which was sliiiiightly longer than we expected. So we ended up cycling for 5 hours and 15 minutes in total yesterday. Oops! But it was great being in the sun! This outfit is very colorful, because I instantly feel like wearing color when Spring kicks in. And the outfit is with bare legs! We shot these on Thursday, and the weather was so nice that day! It’s making me so happy, haha! What do you think of this outfit? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Spring Outfit Blossom Trees Colorful

March 31, 2017

Hello sweeties!

As you might have noticed, I have a slight (ahum) addiction to nude tights with black dots. If you would ask me how to wear them, my answer would be:”With basically everything!” But there are typical looks for which I like them best. Actually, I wear nude polka dot tights when I would actually like to go bare legged, but when the weather doesn’t agree with that plan. Or when I feel like an outfit is missing that final touch. Tights like these are the perfect solution for moments like that! An example of when I don’t want to wear black tights is with a light colored outfit, in which both the skirt or dress and the shoes are light. Then I really feel like black tights are going to ruin it, and I would prefer wearing it with bare legs. Or nude tights with dots, it is! Everyone can see you didn’t go out the house bare legged with 14 degrees, and it adds something extra to your outfit at the same time. So to me these are the perfect tights for Spring; you create that light and happy Spring feeling, but with warmer legs! Win win! Long story short; today I’m sharing 10 outfits in which I’m wearing nude polka dot tights! What do you think of these tights, and how would you wear them?

How To Wear Nude Polka Dot Tights Fashion Blogger Outfit

March 30, 2017

Hi loves!

I’ve known the brand Bannou for a while, and I already got skirt there twice. It’s a beautiful vintage inspired retro brand, which also has a fair production process and uses a lot of organic fabrics. So when they asked me to to pick a Bannou outfit, I was super excited! Bannou is the brand of I Love Vintage, a webshop and fysical shop in Amsterdam. The collection is produced in Romania and they work with as many sustainable fabrics as possible. It different for every item of course, but in this outfit the top is made from 100% certified organic cotton, and the skirt is a mix of cotton and tencel, a sustainable botanic fabric. And I must say, the prices are also really nice considering that these products are both sustainable and fairly produced. I love it! And the beauty of the items and color combo in this look also make me very happy! What do you think? :D

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Outfit with Bannou fair trade organic vintage style brand Amsterdam

March 27, 2017

Hello dears!

So I’ve been to Paris quite a few times before, but somehow, I never visited Place Trocad√©ro. Or even knew it existed for that matter. But how?! It’s on top of all the ‘Top 5 views of the Eiffel Tower’ lists on the internet. Oh well, I found out about it before my last visit, so it was on top of my go-to and shoot-at lists! And I’m so happy with these photos! I already posted this first one on Instagram last week, and I can’t help but look at that shot again and again. It’s just so dreamy, and there’s just something so magical about the Eiffel Tower. I will never get over it, haha! So about the outfit; I was wearing my favorite glittery sweater, with a daisy print dress over it. I just really love those colors together! And the shoes I’m wearing are actually Suzanne‘s, haha! I borrowed them from her before I went to Paris, and they were so super comfy and pretty, that I asked her to borrow them for Paris as well. And she agreed! Yay! Still love them so much! So, what do you think of this look and these photos? :D

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Paris Eiffel Tower Outfit Shoot Place Trocadero Square

March 24, 2017

Hi sweeties!

The first Spring look of this year! s.Oliver sent me a box filled with beautiful items again, and I’m wearing all of them in this look! To me, the trenchcoat is the perfect coat for Spring. It’s made from thin material, it has a hood (which can also be removed) and the material feels like it would also function as a rain coat. And that’s all you need in Spring! You don’t need a lot of warmth anymore, but it’s great for windy days or when it’s raining. Also trenchcoats give this chic touch to your outfit, and they basically go with everything. And that’s also the case for this outfit! This outfit is casual and chic at the same time, and the trenchcoat matches with both! And what do you think of the shoes? Sonja wearing sneakers?! Huh?! I actually thought these were pretty charming, and the espadrille sole also made it more feminine and more ‘Sonja’. So yes indeed, sneakers! What do you think of this look? And do you like to wear a trenchcoat in Spring? :-)

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Outfit s.Oliver trenchcoat spring amsterdam