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November 1, 2017

Hi sweeties!

About 2 weeks ago I posted part 1 of my Bali Diaries, and here is part 2! After our time in Ubud we took the boat to Lombok. Which was quite the adventure with the high waves and some fuss with a bunch of taxi drivers. But it was all totally worth it, because the hotel we arrived at had the most beautiful beach I had ever seen! From the hotel room you walked right onto the beach, where super cute two-person huts were waiting to lie down in. You could even order food and drinks from the hut. So much yes! So naturally we didn’t do much in Lombok, haha! All photos from Lombok below were taken in our hotel, on the beach in front of our hotel or in the direct surroundings of the hotel, haha! Loved it!

After Lombok we went to Gili. And here we also did a ton of relaxing. We also went on a day trip to another Gili island. On Gili I mostly took pictures of sunsets, because those were astonishing every night! And finally we went back to Bali for our last stop; Canggu. Canggu was on the list because my boyfriend was going surfing here, as this is a famous surf spot. From Canggu we also went to Tanah Lot for a day. This is a temple in the ocean with beautiful surroundings. All in all we had a wonderful trip. We’ve seen a lot, but we also relaxed a lot! Below I’m showing you my photos of Lombok, Gili and Canggu. And of course you can find the locations underneath the photos in case you would like to visit them as well! What do you think of my shots? :-)


Lombok Indonesia Novotel Beach Kuta

October 30, 2017

Hello loves!

Today I’m sharing the results of an editorial shoot with you! This shoot was part of my final assignment for Fashion Styling last semester. We had to come up with a original concept for the fictional new collection of conceptstore Colette in Paris. I named my concept ‘We Come In Peace’ and it combines immigration, aliens and hippies. Immigration has been an important topic foa while now. And my concept is based on the idea that immigrants come in peace. And ‘We Come In Peace’ is the famous alien-quote! Also we’ve been seeing a lot of retro fashion and hippie influences in fashion lately. And as hippies also have a lot to do with peace, I brought these three together.

For the shoot of this concept I wanted to work with 2 models, because this strengthens the we-feeling of ‘We Come In Peace’. The models represent aliens / immigrants who come in peace. The styling is inspired by hippies, but in alien-like colors like blue, grey and silver. The silver Volkswagen van was the cherry on top of the cake for this shoot; a hippie space ship on wheels! All in all I’m super happy with the result and this is my favorite shoot I did so far! And it even got published in online magazine Volant! And now I’m super curious what you think!

We Come In Peace Hippie Alien Styling Stylist Sonja Vogel Volant Magazine


Malika van der Plas

Fotografie / Hair Styling

Christine Martens


Juliette van der Weerd


Emma Notenboom

Concept / Styling / Productie

Sonja Vogel

Published Online

Volant Magazine

Special thanks to

Ard van der Leeuw (Volkswagen van)

October 25, 2017

Hi dears!

I bought the kimono I’m wearing in this post in Ubud in Bali. I fell in love with the color and print instantly. And here in the Netherlands it turns out to be a great fall layering item! There’s quite a lot going on in this outfit; print mixing, multiple colors, glitter! I’m aware of the fact that this outfit might not be for everyone, but personally it made me really happy. So I wear it anyway! I’m mostly happy about the combo of the burgundy glitter sweater under the kimono. The colors just work really good together. And secretly the sweater and the kimono even match! The glitter in the sweater is a golden thread, and there are also dark yellow / gold-ish details in the kimono print. What do you think of this combo?

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Fall Outfit Rijksmuseum Tuin Kimono from Bali

October 19, 2017

Hello sweeties!

My fall lookbook is here! I’ve been working on this since the beginning of fall, by means of filming a fall outfit every week. I asked you on Instagram stories how many outfits you would like to see in a lookbook video; 4 or 5? And 63% voted 5! So 5 it is! I tried to make a nice variation of different types of outfits. From casual to more dressy, and a more extraordinary kind of outfit which is probably one of those love-it-or-hate-it kind of looks. So, 5 outfits in little over 2 minutes! Which is your favorite? And what’s your ultimate fall combo?

October 16, 2017

Hi loves!

Yay, part 1 of my Bali Diaries is here! In this post I’m showing you my photos of Ubud and the places we visited in that area. After this I also have a part 2 with Lombok, Gili and Canggu. We stayed the longest in Ubud, so that’s why I have the most photos from there. While we were there we did the Ridge Walk (seen in the first pic), we saw stunning waterfalls, a ton of rice fields, beautiful temples, and lovely monkeys! Below every picture I stayed the location. So if you’re visiting Bali and you want to see that temple or rice field too, you will know where to go! I hope you like it! :-) Have you ever been to Bali?

Retro Sonja Vogel Blogger Dutch in Bali Ubud Ridge Walk Travel Style Photography Influencer Instagrammer
The Ridge Walk