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April 6, 2018

Hello dears!

Ok, I can’t explain how excited I am about this post. I now own a pink suit! I repeat; a pink suit!! I’m such a huge pink lover, as you all probably know by now. Also, I really love my trousers to be super high waist, and I love a nice belt. This suit has all of that combined! And it was so affordable at Zara as well. It’s funny, because pink is actually considered quite a childish color, but somehow I do feel super powerful in this suit. Very Legally Blonde, I might even say. I combined the pink suit with a pastel yellow top from NA-KD. I love this color combo and it really gives me that Spring feeling. To finish the look I went for my beloved hot pink ankle boots. And don’t you think this dotted square makes for such a fabulous backdrop?! So, what do you think of my new suit, and the way I wore it?

Pink suit Zara pink trend roze tend roze met geel pink and yellow

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March 9, 2018

Hi sweeties!

Last weekend me and my fianc√© (!!! <3) went to Florence in Itay to look at some wedding locations. We saw some beautiful places, and I can tell you that our dream location was one of them! We also took the time to walk around in the beautiful city centre of Florence, where we took these photos. s.Oliver sent me this gorgeous pink trenchcoat. s.Oliver is selling this coat in 8 stunning colors; classy with a twist! I love the color, the fabric feels great, and I’m in love with the beautiful tortoise-like buttons. I combined the trenchcoat with red trousers, and a printed top with flowers. Pink with red; I love it! I decided to wear the buttons of the trench open, but to close the belt. This way you show more waist than with the coat open, while you can still see the outfit you’re wearing underneath. And all of this in this cute Italian street! I love it! What do you think of this look, and my new pink trenchcoat?

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger Florence Italy Firenze Pink Trenchcoat s.Oliver brand ambassador influencer

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January 25, 2018

Hello loves!

Wait… is that me in a hoodie?! Yes indeed! To be honest I hardly ever wear hoodies. Not even when I’m couch-potatoing. I’d be wearing a cosy oversized sweater. But somehow this one from s.Oliver really spoke to me. For starters because it’s pink; I’m a huge sucker for pink these days. But also the glitter stitches and the somewhat unusual neckline make this hoodie different from the rest. And it really made me want to put an outfit together with it. I decided to go for a casual chic combo; a chic skirt, beautiful grey overknee boots and a fun colorful coat. I really like the detail of the hoodie popping out of the top of my coat for a change! What do you think of this combo? :-)

Retro Sonja s.Oliver Amsterdam fashion blogger outfit hoodie skirt casual chic

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December 21, 2017

Hi dears!

To me it’s always fun to find inspiration for new outfits. Nowadays we often get our outfit inspiration from Instagram for example. But it could also be a fun idea to get inspired by a movie! The website of Zalon shares styling advice inspired by 6 iconic movies with 12 iconic outfits. From these 6 movies I chose ‘The Great Gatsby’ to insire me to create an outfit appropriate for Christmas or New Years Eve! ‘The Great Gatsby’ plays in the roaring 20s. And those times were all about a whole lot of pearls, shininess and fur. In this case, as a vegetarian, I obviously chose for a faux fur jacket. In the 20s women often wore multiple very long pearl necklaces. I also did this, but I also added a pearl choker to give the outfit a more modern touch.

Great Gatsby Inspired Movie 20s Roaring Retro Sonja outfit Zalon

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November 27, 2017

Hello sweeties!

Lately I’m totally into ‘all colored everyting’ kind of outfits! Which you can tell by looking at the photos in this post, haha! It probably won’t be a surprise that I love color, because I always did. But lately I just can’t seem to have enough color in my life. I’m especially falling for pink, red and purple tones at the moment. So that’s why I got super excited when I found all these items in the s.Oliver webshop. A purple glitter turtleneck top, a baby pink blazer, red/pink trousers and bright pink velvet loafers! I love it! Especially on these grey days I only want to wear even more color, to brighten up the day a bit. What do you think of this outfit and color combo?

Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger s.Oliver pink red purple colorful outfit amsterdam

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